Archery Tag

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This new activity combines the basics of paintball, archery, and dodgeball while adding its own twist! It blends strategy and reflex games in a fun and sporty environment!
After donning a protective mask, grabbing your bow and arrows, you'll challenge your opponents in team-based matches within a set time frame. The principle is simple: to win, you must hit opposing players with foam arrows. The last player standing secures victory for their team! Accessible to all from 8 years old, regardless of your initial level in archery, come and enjoy this 100% fun, unique, and exhilarating pastime. You're just an arrow away from discovering this fantastic activity! Your instructor will offer various team scenarios: protecting a target as a group, playing capture the flag, facing off in team battles, or the Highlander (there can be only one!). Don't hesitate to challenge your friends, colleagues, or family.


Registration for archery or at the children's village or by phone at 06 76 02 96 09 On-site registration available at the time of the tournament depending on availability €7 per person Free Nerfery Tag activity and face painting for children under 8 at the same time.


Village des Enfants, 74110, Avoriaz
From 01/07 to 31/08/2024, daily between 9 am and 6 pm. Archery Tag tournaments every Monday (except July 1st) at 5:15 PM on the VDE city field: Ages 8 and up.